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Single-use tourniquets for Adults.

Tournistrip is a uniquely designed and constructed Tourniquet. Release and removal is done with one hand, it does not pinch the skin like some ‘rubber band’ designs, It is adjustable up to five times on the same patient. Tournistrip is:
– Easy to tighten and adjust.
– Single Use.
– Latex Free
– Reduces contact.

Pediatric single-use tourniquets.

Tournikidz is a Tourniquet designed for children. The images printed on the Tournikidz work as a distraction therapy and reduce the trauma of medical procedures. Tournistrip is also:

– Easy to tighten and adjust
– Single Use
– Latex Free
– Reduces contact

Single use rubber tourniquet.

The Tournistretch® provides users with a premium tourniquet for single patient use during prolonged stays in a healthcare facility. It will serve a single patient for routine blood sampling and venipuncture.

Its intuitive removal, easy reset and quick release system provides professionals with a safe, accurate, simple and agile application.

Plastic and metal dispensers

You can customize the tourniquets.



Tournistrip looks and operates like a conventional tourniquet. Its unique design and construction means the tourniquet is truly single-use and it cannot be re-used. It is easy to tension and adjust and can be repositioned on the same patient up to 5 times, release and removal is single-handed. tournistrip will not pinch the skin like some ‘rubber band’ designs, thus improving patient comfort.

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Tournikidz is a tourniquet that is optimised for use with children. Smaller, more comfortable, and employing imagery to give a friendlier less ‘medical’ appearance, tournikidz really has put the young patient at the focus of development. Combined with the single-use benefits of infection control, it is the perfect choice for paediatric caregivers. tournikidz can be branded with your hospital logo and new imagery can be developed if desired.

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Custom Branded Tournistrips

Tournistrip can be designed and branded with hospital logos and/or communicate custom messaging.


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