Tournistrip looks and operates like a conventional tourniquet. Its unique design and construction means the tourniquet is truly single-use and it cannot be re-used. It is easy to tension and adjust and can be repositioned on the same patient up to 5 times, release and removal is single-handed. tournistrip will not pinch the skin like some ‘rubber band’ designs, thus improving patient comfort.

Tournistrip can be designed and branded with hospital logos and/or communicate custom messaging.

You can customize your Tournistrip from 1000 boxes or 50,000 units.
Customization costs: $290 for the design and $290 for the 4-color palette (for people who contacted us in FIME 2021 it is Free).

Quantity per box Box price
1 - 35 $13.20
36 - 999 $12.94
1,000 - 2,999 $12.54
3,000 - 29,999 $11.88
30,000 - 59,999 $11.22
60,000+ $10.56
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FDA document
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Revista Latinoamericana de enfermería
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Tournistrip Article
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Tournistrip Pep ANTT
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Dimensions 27 × 26 × 33 cm
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